For Product Manufacturers

Constructivity contains content from applicable industry associations in a variety of regions.

For product manufacturers and associations, standard sizes, materials, and performance ratings may be defined, such that construction projects can precisely indicate requirements based on performance or product designation.

This information may be encapsulated in the form of "Libraries" available on These libraries may be automatically extracted into many forms, including contract language, BIM/CAD models, spreadsheets, and even modules for software developers.

Category extensions

To define a custom classification scheme, categories may be defined based on lists or hierarchies for structures, levels, spaces, elements, products, and materials.

Construction extensions

To define a standard shape, content may be created based on the Construction type. The overall shape of an element may be defined which may be a simple cross section such as a structural steel member, or an assembly of products such as a partition wall.

Parameters may be defined that drive dimensions and materials. The Constructivity web portal provides a way to do this rapidly and intuitively by mapping fields and applying factors. This parametric functionality also makes its way into other forms automatically, including contract language, BIM/CAD models, and modules for software developers.

Instances may be defined with specific parameters, and then referenced by construction projects or other libraries. By providing all detail, models with incomplete data can be automatically linked to applicable products based on geometric form.

Product extensions

Specific product models may be defined with 3D geometry and connectivity information for structural, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.

Parameters may be defined both for design and operation. Operational parameters may be used to describe how equipment operates according external variables, such as the position of an overhead door, or the electrical current usage of a chiller.


Manufacturers and associations may choose to provide all content freely, or may elect to charge for some or all content. Constructivity respects intellectual property rights and the sustainability of industry associations. Any content provided may be designated as paid-only and the owner of the content can decide how much to charge. Constructivity handles payments, and when a customer elects to use paid content, the amount charged is credited to the content owner with exception of a nominal transaction fee. Content owners may have credit issued as a check or bank transfer on a quarterly basis. If a customer has already paid for content through other means, coupon codes can be provided.

When protected content is used in a project, users of the content will see a reference to identifiers used, such as the model of a product or a shape designation, but will only see other information such as descriptions, dimensions, or performance values if they are marked as free or the customer has paid accordingly.